Strategy for Country Health

Implementation plans

Five Implementation Plans outlining the top priorities for new and enhanced health services for country South Australia were developed to progress the 10 Year Local Health Service Plans over the first three years of the ten-year period.

Thirty-three plans called ‘10 Year Local Health Service Plans’ including four local plans for South Australia’s regional Country General Hospitals at Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Berri and Port Lincoln set out a ten-year course of action to transform health care and deliver benefits so that rural and remote South Australians lead healthier lives.

The plans aim to transform health care and deliver health benefits so that rural and remote South Australians lead healthier lives in line with directions outlined in the Strategy for Planning Country Health Services in SA.(PDF 514KB).

Implementing the thirty-three plans

The Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) and local Health Advisory Councils undertook a comprehensive local health service planning process to develop the plans.

Taskgroups were established in August 2011 across five geographical regions in country South Australia to provide expert leadership towards the development of five Implementation Plans. Taskgroups included representation from:

  • medical, nursing and allied health clinical networks
  • Health Advisory Councils
  • Aboriginal Health Advisory Committees and other Aboriginal health networks
  • other stakeholders such as Medicare Locals and Local Government as appropriate
  • CHSALHN executives and staff.

The Implementation Plans define the major phases of work and support the rationale for the delivery of work currently underway, and also provide a strong business case for future priorities from opportunities which may arise through State and Commonwealth budgets and funding programs.

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