Testimonials and resources on EPAS

SA Health’s Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) has been in use since August 2013 and is progressively being implemented across South Australian public hospitals and health services.

Designed and configured by SA Health to align with its business model, EPAS will provide the foundation for delivering South Australia’s state-wide electronic health record (EHR).

TQEH staff talk about their experience using EPAS for the first time

EPAS was implemented at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) on Wednesday 29 June 2016 and staff have been sharing their experience with using EPAS for the first time.

SA Health staff talk about EPAS

A series of EPAS testimonials videos have been produced that feature doctors, nurses and administrative staff from Noarlunga Hospital, Repatriation General Hospital, Port Augusta Hospital and SA Ambulance Service sharing their experience with using EPAS.

In the videos, staff outline some of the benefits and challenges in transitioning from a paper to an electronic health record.

The video series includes:

The following extracts are taken from the testimonial videos and provide a snapshot of what staff are saying about EPAS.

“It’s really revolutionised my handling and treatment of patients in Port Augusta and as a result, it’s more streamlined, I see more patients, it’s more efficient. I’ve been happy, the patients are happy.”
Doctor JC Hodge, ENT Surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Port Augusta Hospital

"Everything is legible, which means there is a reduction in errors in transcriptions." 
Doctor Jim Holland, Clinical Director, Emergency Department, Noarlunga Hospital

"Having a mobile PC on the ward means I can look at the x-rays, the blood results whilst on the ward round."
Associate Professor Craig Whitehead, Clinical Director, Aged Care & Rehabilitation, Repatriation General Hospital

"I think the delivery of care is better with EPAS." 
Geoff Killington, Associate Clinical Services Coordinator, Repatriation General Hospital

 "Having EPAS at several different sites really increases the continuity of care for the patient."
Lisa Kitto, Pharmacist, Noarlunga Hospital

“We regularly have transfers from Noarlunga to the RGH and when they’re coming we know that their information is updated and it’s all coming across to our site because it’s regularly synced.”
Michelle, Administration, Repatriation General Hospital

“All the patients’ record are in one place. Now that I can access it straight away, it makes it much easier for me to assess where the patient is clinically.”
Doctor Santosh Verghese, Intensive Care Consultant, Repatriation General Hospital

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