Allied Health Professionals plus Professional Development Reimbursement Program (AHP+PDRP)

AHP+PDRP provides additional Professional Development (PD) funds for eligible allied health and scientific health staff working in SA Health.

For the 2016/17 financial year:

  • Round 1: now closed
  • Round 2: now closed
  • Round 3: Now closed, opened Monday 6 February 2017, closed Tuesday 28 February 2017


As the funding allocation will be expended, the program is unable to reimburse for new event invoices or payments that are dated from 1 March to 31 March 2017. Documentation to complete existing pre-approval applications will continue to be accepted until 31 March, 2017.

The program’s next financial year commences on 1 April 2017.

AHP + PDRP Critical Dates

FBT/AHP+ year 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017
Application for reimbursement or pre-approval

To be made in the rounds open during 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017. Round dates are on the AHP+ webpage. You cannot apply outside of the round dates.

Upload each supporting document separately to your application with your name as part of the saved title, as this streamlines the administrative process.

Pre-paying for PD event by applicant Must occur before the end date of the round that the reimbursement is being applied for.
PD event timelines

The activity must occur prior to 30/06/2017 AND be paid for in full BEFORE 31/03/2017. “Paid for” means a complete payment (with valid tax invoice and proof of payment documentation supplied in the application). Payment made on a MAXXIA card cannot be reimbursed due to salary sacrifice and FBT implications.

Remember payments can be split over consecutive AHP+ years. For example if you are going to a conference in May 2017 and have paid early bird registration and flights before March 2017, these can be claimed in the 2016/17 round. As an invoice for accommodation (unless it is part of a conference package) can usually only be gained once the stay is complete, this invoice and proof of payment would be submitted in round 1 of the 2017/18 AHP+ year (but make sure you book after the 31 March to meet the parameter of the AHP+ year).

Also remember that many third party booking agencies e.g. Wotif, Expedia etc. may not provide valid tax invoices (and many accommodations sites do not provide an invoice if the booking has occurred via a third party agency).Check the small print re the refund policy as many do not offer any refund if the booking is cancelled.

Note that credit card transactions will be recorded as the date that you make the booking, not the date that the money is transferred from your account. The AHP+ program can only use the date of booking as this is the legal transaction date. DO NOT book at the end of March 2017 via credit card if you want the transaction to be part of your 2017/18 allocation.

Who can apply

Current SA Health employees who:

  • work under the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014; and
  • are classified as an Allied Health Professional (AHP), Dental Officer (DO), Grant Funded Scientist (GFSc), Legal Officer (LE, LEC or LSC), Medical Physicist (MPH), Medical Scientist (MeS) or Professional Officer (PO); and
  • have registration or professional body requirements that include continuing professional development for registration or accrediting purposes.

What the program covers

The AHP+PDRP covers the reasonable reimbursement of professional development activity costs for individuals and groups up to a capped amount per financial year.

To begin the process, click on the tabs below for Individual or Group Applications.

Further information - Forms, Policy and Guideline

For further information on the program, including help applying for the program, contact the AHP+PDRP team at or phone (08) 8226 5697

Group applicants

Prior to applying, the applicant on behalf of the group should read the following documentation:

Please complete a Group Application via the AHP+PDRP online application system. Applications can only be submitted via the online system during round opening times.

All documents relevant to your application should be uploaded and attached to your online application. If you have any difficulties, please email the AHP+PDRP team.

You will receive an email three weeks after the close of the round notifying you of the outcome.


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